Friday, August 7, 2009

A Graduate Amongst us!

So yesterday I graduated from cosmetology school. To be in school for the last 10 months then to have the actual graduation day go by in flash is crazy! I stayed at school Mon. thru Wed. from 9:15 in the morning to 10:00pm at night. I was deliriously tired, but I did what I had to do. My family came and Cam was so proud. They all were proud but I think my baby was the most proudest to see his mom graduate. Afterwards, we had lunch at Razzoos, then went home and took a nap cause the lack of sleep was catching up with me. We woke up and took Cam to see Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince, which I almost fell asleep on. Now he's dropping hints that GI Joe came out today. He can recruit his dad and uncle for that one. I want to see a chick flick. lol

The day after graduation(today) was weird. It went by so very slow. Cam stayed home with me so we got up and registered him for school which was by far the smoothest and quickest registration of all the years we've been registering. I cleaned out my stateboard bag since it was still a mess from Wednesday's test. That didn't take up anytime so we strolled on down to Tarjay and walked around a bit. I let him talk me into a GI Joe action figure. When we got home it was only 1:30!! WTH. I thought it was around 4pm. lol I spent the rest of the day watching DVR'd shows and surfing the web, while Cam played the Wii.

What's next? Hopefully a vacation. We'll see. Then I need to set up examination times to take my state test to become an official licensed hairstylist. :) In the midst of all that, I'm scoping out salons. So I'll probably blog about that experience as well.

That's all I go for now....

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