Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So first day of school was Monday. Alarm was set for 6:30 and boy was that rough! The new school don't start at 8am like normal schools, but instead 7:55. So I was trying to get a fill for what time we all needed to be up, fed and dressed to have him on time. Well 6:30 was waaayyyyyy the hell too early. lol First I woke him up at 6:55. He wanted cereal. So I fix him a grand bowl of cereal. He was so excited he takes 2 bites and dumps the bowl into the disposer. Me, NOT SO MUCH! You do not waste food of any kind in this house, that damn cereal was $4! lol And I think he has a very clear understanding of that now. Anyway, this year since he's 9, some things needed to change. Before, we laid his clothes out at night and had them on the couch for him in the mornings. To make sure he actually got dressed and wasn't just sitting and watching tv. This year, he is assuming more responsibility. Getting dressed in his room, picking out his own shoes. Lotion, deordorant,teeth brushed,etc. Then come down for breakfast at a decent time. Its been working so far. Slowly I will start introducing him to picking out his own clothes for school, since I've cleaned out his closet and all school clothes are hung separate from weekend/play clothes.

Anyway, 1st day went great at the new school. He found a friend he already knew from daycare in his class. And according to him he made 6 new friends. He is excited about microwaves being available to them in the cafeteria at lunch time, and the class pet fish. The school is bigger, newer and his teacher is nice. He made me a happy mom. :)
Now onto some pics..

I created this layout today documenting his first day of 4th grade..the pictures aren't perfect and I think that's what I like about it, but that's a whole nother post in itself...

Most of the pictures I got from Monday look like this. With his back to me. The older he gets the more he wants me to leave the camera home. Well that won't happen..not at all. I'm savoring these moments because I know when he gets to high school there will be no more walking him to class.

From my graduation day at Paul Mitchell. It seem so long ago but it's only been 3 weeks. Thats my mom on the end next to me. Had I thought about it I would've taken a separate picture with just the girls from school. These are my babies. I started school with every single one of them except Sierra(the one behind my mom) There is so many things to be said about every single one of these girls. They all hold a special place in my heart and man we became such a huge part of each other's lives during that 10 months and Sierra less than that as she started after us but she still my babygirl. I was the first to graduate out of 26 of us, a major accomplishment.

Following tradition, leaving my handprint on the wall.

I think that's enough for now. I need to figure out how to schedule posts. So when I'm sleeping I can have post already done when I wake up.
That's all I got for now...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a week

Starting Monday, I get a call from Cam's school. Never mind I was just there registering him on Friday. Well, he now has to go to a new school based on zoning. I was upset about it at first.

  • Maybe now he'll meet some kids from our phase/neighborhood. All his friends live in different phases in our neighborhood but none close enough to walk.
  • New school is within walking distance, both schools are less than a mile but old school was too dangerous to walk to as it sits on the main street.
  • New school is only a year old and bigger. (Something told me to switch him last year)
  • New school was recognized as Exemplary by the state for the TAKS (same as old one)
  • New school has computer and art camps during the summer.
  • Counselor is a lot nicer and younger than the old school counselor, but I'm not feeling the registrar lady. (She don't won't no problems!)


  • Old school didn't tell me when I was there Friday, so I had to register all over again on Monday at the new school.
  • He only has 2 more years in elementary school and now he has to be the "new" kid all over again.
  • I had to return 4 shirts and 2 pair of shorts that my mom bought because they don't fit the new school dress code. (UGH!)
  • I basically bought all uniforms cause that's really what they want them to wear. They can't wear t-shirts at all except of course the school t-shirt, but only on designated days. No cargo pants but they can wear carpenters. What's the difference!
  • I had already purchased all his school supplies in late June/July only to find out the new schools supply list is way different and alot shorter. I'm not buying anything else!

Above all, he is excited and ready to go. So that makes me feel a whole lot better. According to him he already knows a few kids that attend so thats good.

On Tuesday I ran errands all day.

First up, Walmart, to exchange school clothes for uniforms. Now I like Walmart but they get an F in the customer service department. Why do all the cashiers act like you MADE them work for Walmart. You don't like your job, get a new one! I asked this lady which aisle was the parmesan cheese on and she told me the aisle with the pickles! Oookay.. No matter which Walmart I go into, the customer service always stink. Not all cashiers are attitudish, but alot of them are.

Then I went to Armstrong McCalls. A place where only licensed cosmetologists can shop. There is one close to where I live but it's alot smaller than the one by the school I attended, so I made the drive over there. Everytime I go in there they have a hard time finding my name. This time I was attitudish cause I was just in there a few weeks before. I almost felt bad because the cashier was so nice, but dang how hard is it to find one's name. So I got what I needed from there and on to the next stop.

Best buy: WHY ARE THEY SO FREAKIN EXPENSIVE! I was checking prices of ear pieces for husband and I. The cheapest one was 59.99. That they had in stock. Then I couldn't get a worker to help. Usually they hound you from every angle asking if you need help. So I ended up leaving without a purchase and probably won't be back to that location.

Dollar Tree: I initially stopped in here at the recommendation of my mom and because the only thing I considered buying from the new school's supply list is the multiplication flash cards. Well I found them here. I got the multiplication, subtraction and the division and they are spiderman, so that should be fun. I had also been looking for foam hand sanitizer and I found it of all places at Dollar Tree, so I got two, cause it'll be my luck I go back and they sold out or discontinued.

Kwik Kar: at the request of my husband. Wasn't so bad. They were done within 15 minutes. I got a $6 car wash for $3. And I was on my merry way.

All that in one day. Made me tired just to type it all out. And I had the nerve to stay up til 1 in the morning cleaning my office and organizing my scrapbook supplies. I'm a little rusty since I hadn't scrapped since school started last September. I missed it alot.

Today: I only left the house to drop off/pick up Cam from daycare. After I dropped him off, I came home and slept another 4 hours. Got up, scrapbooked the rest of the afternoon. I finally started my cosmetology school album and a few pages from my Chicago trip back in Mar. I need a few supplies to complete each album. Hopefully I can pick them up this week. I have my eye on a 3m atg 700 tape dispenser cause I'm tired of running out of adhesive after 2 or 3 layouts. That's alot of money.

Whew that's my week so far and there is still 2 days left in the week. Sat. we were invited to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese by a little boy that was at Cam's party. So we need to get a gift for him. And I have the pleasure of taking Cam alone since the husband has to work. Fun,Fun,Fun. lol

Well that's all I got for now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It don't feel like the weekend. I guess cause I technically have nowhere to be come Monday. It feels good though for the time being.

This morning around 8:30 I woke up and had a strange craving for baked chicken. So that's what I had for breakfast, complete with hot sauce and water. Then I cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. Around 11am I took a benadryl and went to sleep. I woke up thinking it was late but it was only 12:30. So I started laundry and cleaning a little bit. I made a list for each room in the house. Over the next week or so I'm going to deep clean and organize and dust, I'll probably also start posting decor inspiration as I want to redecorate a few rooms in the house.

Random pics...

Last Tuesday my girls got together and brought food and a cake for my graduation. Although it didn't turn out as we planned, I am most thankful for them thinking about me. Thanks Celisa, Toya and Yolanda! Yo, the cake was very creative and tasty.
My breakfast this morning. I didn't eat all of it, but I ate most.
The beautiful roses my boys brought me at graduation. They bloomed so beautifully.
I got my nails done yesterday and I think this is going to be my last summery set. I don't know about anyone else but I'm ready for fall. I love falls colors and the fall air.
I bought this scrapbook yesterday, I'm going to fill it with random pictures from the entire 10 months I was in school. I hope to start working on it today/night.
I think I've blogged enough this afternoon. Really just random thoughts,etc.
That's all I got for now....

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Graduate Amongst us!

So yesterday I graduated from cosmetology school. To be in school for the last 10 months then to have the actual graduation day go by in flash is crazy! I stayed at school Mon. thru Wed. from 9:15 in the morning to 10:00pm at night. I was deliriously tired, but I did what I had to do. My family came and Cam was so proud. They all were proud but I think my baby was the most proudest to see his mom graduate. Afterwards, we had lunch at Razzoos, then went home and took a nap cause the lack of sleep was catching up with me. We woke up and took Cam to see Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince, which I almost fell asleep on. Now he's dropping hints that GI Joe came out today. He can recruit his dad and uncle for that one. I want to see a chick flick. lol

The day after graduation(today) was weird. It went by so very slow. Cam stayed home with me so we got up and registered him for school which was by far the smoothest and quickest registration of all the years we've been registering. I cleaned out my stateboard bag since it was still a mess from Wednesday's test. That didn't take up anytime so we strolled on down to Tarjay and walked around a bit. I let him talk me into a GI Joe action figure. When we got home it was only 1:30!! WTH. I thought it was around 4pm. lol I spent the rest of the day watching DVR'd shows and surfing the web, while Cam played the Wii.

What's next? Hopefully a vacation. We'll see. Then I need to set up examination times to take my state test to become an official licensed hairstylist. :) In the midst of all that, I'm scoping out salons. So I'll probably blog about that experience as well.

That's all I go for now....