Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book Review

LA Candy by Lauren Conrad (from MTV's reality show The Hills)

A brief description:

Jane and Scarlett are best friends who move to Los Angeles, CA. Jane for an internship and Scarlett to attend college at USC. While out partying at an area night club they are approached by a TV producer who wants them to be in his next hit reality show. They are very skeptical in the beginning but finally decides to give it a shot and life as they had known it would change forever. For these former Santa Barbara kids life was about to be full of having to elude cameras and mikes just to have a little peace and quiet.

-This book started out a little slow. It took maybe a week to get past the first couple pages. Nothing held my attention longer than 5 minutes. Once I finally dove into it, it was a quick read and probably took me about a day and half to finish. (gotta prioritize right) lol There were a couple times I actually laughed out loud while reading. The first time I was embarrassed by it, after that I didn't care. lol To me it was like getting a behind the scene look at how a reality show comes together.

Jane's character is cute. She's a little boring but that's what makes her interesting. She's a bit naive when it comes to dating and knowing who is friend and who is foe. I tried comparing her character to Lauren but there was times when she could be Lauren or Heidi or Audrina. Overall, she becomes the big star of the show and that has its up and definitely its downs.

Scarlett was my fave to begin with. She is quirky, educated, beautiful and free spirited. Somewhere between the first and second episode she becomes really annoying. The only thing to keep me hanging with her is the fact that she is still a true blue friend to Jane. She was getting tired of the cameras invading her space and I got a feeling she will be cut by mid-book.

Overall, the book was came together well. After I got going it was hard to put it down. The ending was a serious cliffhanger! It definitely lets you know the SEQUEL is coming.

I'm rusty at "book reports" my hope is as time goes on I will get back to how I use to bang them out in school. lol I actually enjoy it. As it stands, I have 3 books on the list to read & review.

Next up, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice by reality tv star Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I'm going to start reading in a little while, once my must-do list is complete.

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